About Me

Taqi is a Senior Developer with over 7 years of experience in the IT industry. After completing his Bachelors in Engineering back in 2010, Taqi specializes in Programming & Architecting of Web and Mobile Applications.

He is the consummate programmer and built his first website at the age of 12.  He sees technology as a conduit to help people grow and improve their businesses. He is well versed in multiple programming languages including: PHP, JavaScript, Python, Swift, ObjectiveC, C++, MySql, NoSql and MongoDB and has created numerous Applications using popular web and mobile Frameworks that includes: Laravel, WordPress, Symfony, Django, Flask, Angular2, Ionic, Magento, Shopify, CS-Cart and many more. He also specializes in building Mobile Applications, and has deep expertise in the nuances of cross-platform development.

He tries to learn new skill every day and has talent for quickly mastering technology and a genuine willingness to learn. He is very passionate about his work and won’t give up until he is fully satisfied with the outcome.

When he has spare time, he contributes to many Open Source Community Projects and try helping other developers using StackOverflow and Quora.

Skills Summary

Front-end Development

  • Core Skills
    • HTML5
    • XHTML (1.0 Strict)
    • CSS 3
    • CSS 2.1
    • Javascript
      • Object Oriented JS
      • AJAX
      • DOM Scripting
      • JSON
      • JQuery
      • MooTools
  • Techniques
    • Responsive Designs Development
    • Web Standards
    • Accessibility
    • Progressive enhancement
    • Microformats
    • Cross-browser compliance
    • Source Control (GIT, Mercurial)

Back-end Development

  • Core Skills
    • PHP (4/5)
    • Python
    • MYSQL
    • MongoDB
    • NoSQL
    • Typescript
    • CMS
      • WordPress
      • Drupal
    • Ecommerce Management System
      • Magento
      • Shopify
      • CS-Cart
      • OpenCart
      • Woocommerce
      • OS Commerce
    • Frameworks
      • Laravel
      • Angular2
      • CodeIgnitor
      • ZendFramework
      • CakePHP
      • Django
      • Angular2
      • Flask
  • Techniques
    • Web Standards
    • Accessibility
    • Progressive enhancement
    • Microformats
    • Cross-browser compliance
    • Source Control

Search Engine Optimization

  • Comprehensive keyword research
    • Research keywords that are attainable by clients – not too competitive, but still receive traffic
    • Find keywords with Google keyword tool, Pagerank checker, and MoZ rank checker
    • Examine top search result sites for client target keywords and identify prevailing strategy (if any)
  • Implement SEO techniques using carefully researched keywords
    • Insert keyword filled meta description, title, and keyword tags
    • Insert keyword filled image alt tags and link title tags
    • Make sure pages have H1 and H2 tags that are descriptive and use important keywords
    • Implement Google XML sitemap
  • Examine Page Link Flow
    • Increase link flow in isolated pages
    • Decrease link loss by adding nofollow tags to outgoing links

Employment History

  • SELF-EMPLOYED – Karachi, Pakistan
    • Freelance Software, Mobile & Web Developer 2007-Present
  • MARKNETGROUP – Brewster, NY, USA
    • Lead Engineer, 2011-Present


  • Gina Nieves – CEO Marknetgroup – +1 845-259-9394
    • I am working as the Lead Engineer at Marknetgroup for over 6 years.
  • Waseem Arshad – Design Partner – Website
    • I’ve worked with Waseem on many projects.


  • NED University of Engineering & Technology – Karachi, Pakistan
    • Bachelors of Engineering, 2007-2010 [Passed with 3.6GPA]
  • DJ Sindh Science Government College – Karachi, Pakistan
    • Intermediate School Degree, Graduated in 2006
  • White House Grammar School – Karachi, Pakistan
    • Secondary School Degree, Graduated in 2004